Natural Touch Massage Therapy
Relaxation Therapy and Pain Management


"I came to meet Stuart through a referral of a friend of mine. I have a very physical job of Dance Instructor and professional dance performer. Stuart has consistently helped me gain relief from tension, pain or injury. I have so much respect for his knowledge and abilities that I carry a bunch of his business cards with me and highly recommend him to my colleagues as well as my dance students."---M. A., Wauwatosa

"When I began massage therapy at Natural Touch Massage, I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain for over a decade. I have seen countless massage therapists over the years, and none of them were able to offer lasting benefits. Because Stuart’s prices are so reasonable, I can afford to receive treatment more frequently, which gives him the opportunity to not only heal my body’s old injuries, but also help me avoid new ones. Stuart is intuitive, sensitive and skilled in his practice of massage therapy, and he is committed to mastering his craft through ongoing professional education. Under Stuart’s care, I have experienced a reduction in pain and an improvement in functioning and overall wellbeing." ---S. B., Cedarburg

  "I feel so incredibly fortunate to have Stuart as my massage therapist. I have been seeing Stuart for the past year and a half to resolve a number of chronic neck/back issues as well as to support my rehabilitation after a major reconstructive foot surgery. Beyond the immediate impact to my feet, Stuart has helped to identify trickle down effects of the surgery on other places in my body (lower back, hip) and has helped me restore physical and emotional balance. Unlike many massage therapists I have seen in my life, Stuart's intentions are to address root blockages in the body, not just treat the symptom. He is very dedicated to his own professional development and has also taught me so much about my body along the way. Stuart has a variety of techniques he uses and on top of all of that, he is by far the best Reiki practitioner I know! Time and time again, Stuart has impressed me with his knowledge and intuition about the human body and has become one of the select few for whom I designate as a "true healer."" ---R. C., Wauwatosa